Nov 28, 2021

How to Watch Anything in the World on Your LG Smart TV Without Location Restrictions (Hint: HolaVPN!)

Yulia Diker

So you’re thrilled your new LG Smart TV is loaded with apps but-- oh no!--the content you want to see through these apps is restricted by location. This smart TV is too damn smart! It knows exactly where you are, all of the time. You wish you could click a button and change your location, just as you do with a VPN on your computer…

Well, guess what? Now you can with HolaVPN, the world’s #1 free VPN. Available now for download on any LG Smart TV! 

Why use HolaVPN on your LG Smart TV?

By connecting to one of HolaVPN’s smart locations, you can access any streaming service you want without worrying about blockages or restrictions. You’ll have access to the complete content library of the most popular streaming services!

No tech skills required

HolaVPN is easy to use and no tech skills are required to set it up on your TV. Download the HolaVPN app on your LG SmartTV and follow the setup guides. You will be ready to watch your favorite show in minutes.

How to get started using HolaVPN in 3 easy steps:

Step 1: In the home screen navigate to LG Content store or Apps

Step 2: Click on the search icon and search for Hola VPN

Step 3: Select Hola VPN, press Install, and once done launch the app

And the best part--HolaVPN is absolutely FREE, no account registration required and truly unlimited! 

Sounds great right? It is. Now to find something good to watch…

Go Beyond Your Location.
Access Worldwide Content.

Hola is the gateway to your favorite movies, shows, games and more, no matter where you live!

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